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Do's and Don'ts

Catcamps is here to provide you guidelines of camping DO'S and DON'TS to help you sleep soundly under the stars. This list will help you prepare for your next great outdoor experience!


1. Do learn basic fire building and food preparation safety.

2. Do check the campsite and your equipments on hand.

3. Don't forget camping essentials; map, compass, first aid kit etc.

4. Do leave a copy of itinerary/activities on home.

5. Do check and confirm the camp ground policies.

6. Don't arrive on nightfall.

7. Don't limit your meal variety.

8. Don't leave your food unattended.

9. Don't leave without cleaning up.

10. Do ENJOY your surroundings and take your time to relax!

And don't forget to grab those equipments from Catcamps!


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